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A lot to learn from the Lions tour

This weekend sees the begining of the Lions tour. Taking place only every four years, this series starts off in Hong Kong and continues in Australia.

With players from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England, being selected for the team is an honour, but, with this prestige comes stress. As the Lions haven’t won a series since 1997 this year’s matches will be closely followed. Media, fans, managers and sponsors all have reasons to want success, which is a lot of added pressure on the players.

External pressure

While we might not all get to be involved in such high-profile events, we nevertheless have to cope with stressful situations, where we feel pressure from all angles. There are lots of situations where we can feel the pressure from the expectations of others. 

The Leaving Cert for example has the interest of many, including family, friends and teachers. Therefore we may feel we have a lot more to live up to than our own expectations. But it’s important to remember that the exams are yours, and you are in control.

Managing the situation and your health

Like any potentially stressful situation, there are things we can do to manage what’s going on and look after our mental health in the process.

Planning ahead, keeping a routine and ensuring that we mind ourselves by taking breaks, keeping an eye on nutrition all helps to manage stress. See more information about managing exam stress.

Seeing the bigger picture 

Remember there are always people to turn to, for help or advice. Keep in mind that times of high pressure such as the Leaving Cert do have an end point, and like other trying times you will get past this and move on to the next stage in life.

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