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Lessons from Listowel and Dublin’s writers’ festivals

1209717_writingListowel’s international writers’ week kicked off yesterday and runs until Sunday, 2 June. If you missed authors such as Dan Brown or Colum McCaan at the Dublin writer’s festival then this could be a chance to hear some of the world’s most popular writers.

Getting connected with literature

There will also be discussions with up-and-coming writers, workshops and even an open-mic session to showcase hidden talent. It seems our country’s appetite for literature is as strong as ever.

Interestingly, festivals like this are still popular – even with the fast changing landscape of technology and online communications. Connecting and socialising with like-minded people may play a part in the strength of such gatherings, but equally could be as much to do with the cathartic nature of the writing.

Writing as a release

Whether professional, amateur, or even just writing for yourself – it can be a great way to let go of built up feelings. Keeping a journal or even just writing about what’s going on may help with understanding emotions or even just release tension.

Using the process of writing as a tool to help us cope could be an end in itself. Maybe keeping a daily journal is as daunting as the idea of writing a novel, but scribbling a few words of anger on scrap paper could be all it takes to help feel a bit lighter.

Making it easier

Whether using the written word as a release or for better understanding, it may make it easier to relax, talk to someone else or even contact a support group.

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