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Let’s Talk About Drugs Media Awards

The folks from have given us an outline of this year’s media awards.

The ‘Let’s Talk about Drugs Media Awards’ provides an opportunity for young people to investigate and explore the following topics: ‘Alcohol and sport – who is the real winner?’ and ‘Weed and health – are we making a hash of it?’

Let's talk about drugs media awardsDiscussion

The aim of the awards is to encourage public discussion of drug-related issues by inviting secondary school students and aspiring journalists to create a feature about drugs. While this competition targets students, it is open to all over the age of twelve. Entry categories are newspaper article, video feature, audio feature, poster design, and cartoon strip.

Mental health

This year’s topics focus on alcohol and weed – more specifically – alcohol and sport and weed and health. What can be said about these topics from a youth mental health perspective?

Is cannabis consumption among young people contributing to mental health issues – or is this an overstated link? Is sponsorship of sporting events leading more young people to drink or to drink to excessive levels – should we care?


Whatever your thoughts on these topics, get creative and turn them into a winning entry! You could be in with a chance to win one of more than twenty Android tablets or €1,000, and have your work published or broadcast.

Get your entry in by the deadline on Friday, 31 May 2013. For more information and tips on entering go to

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