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Recently a group of young men from Kircubbin in Northern Ireland worked on their mental fitness by using WorkOut, alongside some physical workouts, as part of  a local community project. Here, Steve Garrett who worked with them gives us an account. 

three young men playing video gamesEight young men, aged 15-18-years-old, from Kircubbin started using WorkOut on Monday, 12 November 2012 and they worked through the missions in this order:

  • Week 1 – introduction, gym induction and worked through expectations 
  • Week 2 – being practical
  • Week 3 – building confidence
  • Week 4 – taking control
  • Week 5 – team player
  • Week 6 – evaluation and group activity

We explored the four mission areas from the WorkOut App, on separate weeks, using group work to digest some of the tasks that had been completed online. We also looked at some case studies such as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ricky Hatton and some film clips. (A beautiful mind)

Working through the missions

Each week we spent time in our community internet café doing group stuff. Sometimes we worked through the online tasks, before heading next door to the gym, which is also part of the community centre.

Completing tasks

On the whole, they reported quite varying use of WorkOut. Some didn’t have internet access at home which meant time in the café was more crucial for them. When we did agree tasks to complete at home, some went in their own direction as their interest took them.

Working through it together

Specifically, one young man reported great improvement in his sleeping routine. The entire group felt that being able to work through much of the stuff together was useful.

This was true in relation to identifying some of the key areas that brought on stress, i.e. relationships and school. This was also true in relation to identifying some strategies for coping and taking the time to assess some of these. One participant started to play a particular sport again as a result of realising its potential to affect his mental well-being and sense of achievement.

The combination of gym sessions and the use of online technology to promote self-reflection were effective in tackling the topic of looking after your mental health and encouraging ways to work on your mental fitness. 

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