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Benefit of perspective

Twenty three years ago Man United fans were calling for Alex Ferguson’s head. He had won nothing as manager in his three year stint but would go on to become one of the most successful football managers ever in English football.

Fergie out flagSupport to get results

As a Liverpool fan it hurts me to say that but it’s true and it happened becaused the club’s executives had some perspective and knew then that you need to back people to get results. Arsene Wenger needs that same type of support now and there is no reason to believe that it wouldn’t pay off.


Ok, it’s been nearly eight years since Wenger has won anything as Arsenal manager but please Gooners, don’t forget what he’s done for your club. The Arsenal have been transformed forever because of Wenger and his methods and teams have given millions of football fans unbelievable entertainment – who can ever forget the invincibles of 2003-’04?

Kept going

Or the pure joy and almost childish messiness that sparked between some of the great Arsenal players of the last decade? One stand out moment was that ridiculous penalty missed by a lame combination of Pires and Henry when the pair couldn’t stop laughing afterwards. Moments like that keep us going as sports fans. Respect is one of the buzzwords in modern day football – but what about perspective?

Need to appreciate the now

It was sad to see people like Piers Morgan on Twitter last night saying “In Arsene we rust”. People have short memories, need quick fixes and don’t appreciate what they have in the here and now. Sure, Arsenal look laboured and lacking in confidence and it looks like the wait for silverware will go on.

Warrants respect

But there is so much for Arsenal Football Club to be proud of and one man in particular must be credited with transforming that club from the offside specialists of the early 1990s to the football purists of today. He deserves a little respect and fans need to have some perspective.

Developing patience

Don’t forget what he’s done for the club and consider that you might just want to give him the time he needs to get you back to winning ways. I’m seeing this as a long-suffering Liverpool fan – we’ve had to develop a lot of resilience, patience and perspective, believe me.

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