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Size doesn’t matter

On Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2013 we have our second blog from Liz Murray projects officer from Bodywhys.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2013 marks the launch of our ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ campaign photos! Since September I’ve been on campuses all over the country getting students talking about body image, eating disorders and support seeking.

Most of us worry at some point about other people’s opinion of us – this can impact on our self-esteem, on how we feel about others and can determine whether or not we want to talk to someone when we need a little help.

Sharing opinions

Everyone agrees that it’s ok to talk, and that talking helps…but it can be hard sometimes! Our aim was to get you all talking and sharing your opinions about body image pressure, eating disorders and looking for help without any of the body image issues attached.

Without judgement

All of our photos were shot anonymously – so everyone who participated could communicate any positive message they wanted to without the viewer (you and me) making any judgements based on appearances.

Encouraging others to talk 

A collection of these photos have been uploaded onto the Bodywhys Facebook page. Have a look at some of the fantastic messages that students from round the country came up with. Looking through the photos it’s amazing to see how many of you were encouraging others to talk or look for help. This was one of our biggest themes and when you see how many people are there to listen, I hope that when you need to talk you know it’s ok to reach out.

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You can contact us for support anytime via email on, at our support groups in Dublin or Carlow, with our online support groups or on our helpline 1890 200 444 – just check out

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