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See my self!

This week is 2013 Eating Disorders Awareness week and for this we’re hosting a number of guest blogs from our partners Bodywhys. First up is a post from Harriet Parsons, who is also our current featured expert.

This year on Eating Disorders Awareness Week we’re announcing the launch of our new online programme SeeMySelf!

What is it?

SeeMySelf, is an online programme that young people will work through for 8-10 weeks. It addresses issues such as self esteem, body image and media literacy. But, what is great about this programme is that the young person will be supported through the programme with an online supporter, so it will combine both the anonymity of online communication with real human support from a trained supporter.

This is an innovative programme developed for Bodywhys by Silvercloud health, and in conjunction with the National Digital Research Centre.

Building resilience

This programme is working towards increasing awareness and educating ourselves to understand ourselves better, to see ourselves as we are. It can help figure out how the ways we think affect how we feel, and find a way of building up a strong sense of self and resilience to filter through the many messages we are surrounded by each day!

Currently there are some volunteers working through the programme but if you are interested in taking part email

Watch out for all the other activities Bodywhys will be talking about this week, and remember that if you are struggling in any way, it is ok to reach out and ask for the support and help you may need!

You can submit a question to Harriet in our Ask the Expert section. 

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