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We try to keep our content as up-to-date and relevant as possible to ensure we have the information you’re looking for when visiting 

To help us, each year we our ask visitors to complete a user-profile survey. This survey asks questions about your views of the site and why you’re coming to There are also questions about your understanding of mental health and about getting through tough times to find out your wants, needs and preferences around getting support. As well, we ask you to share your age and gender with us.

Information collected from the past two surveys have given us some interesting insights and we’d like to share some of those with you.

Gender and age

In the two surveys we’ve held so far, we found around 60% of survey respondents were aged 12-25-years-old, which is’s target age audience. The rest were over 25-years-old. Many of these were parents, teachers and health professionals looking for information to help a young person through a tough time.

Results from our first annual survey showed a fairly even gender split, with last year’s survey respondent mostly female. 

Going through tough times

Most survey respondents said their main reason for visiting was they were going through a tough time and looking for information to get through it. We also found many respondents were experiencing high levels of psychological distress, meaning that they were feeling nervous, tired out, worthless or depressed. 

Knowledge about looking for support 

People who responded to both surveys rated their ability to help a friend through a tough time higher than being able to access help, support or information for themselves.

It’s great to see that there such a high level of confidence in people’s ability to help a friend.

Seeking help was identified as the most likely source of future support when/if going through a tough time. Friends and health professionals were other likely sources of support.

Interestingly, a high percentage of respondents would be unlikely to call a helpline to get help through a tough time. Showing the need for a wide range of supports to be available so everyone can find and access support. 

For the past two years, we’ve  published a report based on the findings of our user-profile survey. You can find those two reports on the Inspire Ireland website


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