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The perfect family

You may have heard our ads on the on the radio recently. If you haven’t, have a listen to our perfect family advertisement .

family clogsThey’re a bit sarcastic but the point is clear. Nobody lives in the perfect family.

Hugging it out

In’s “perfect family,” ad, two siblings cheerfully tell their parents about issues they’re struggling with. So dad suggests the family to hug it out. All fixed right?

Not easy

In real life the issues brought up in this ad are not so easy to talk about and just as difficult to hear.

Tough times

What it demonstrates is that everyone goes through tough times. No matter how perfect things look from the outside everyone has their own issues they struggle with and everyone needs a dig out from time-to-time.

Talking about it

It was pretty easy for the people in the ad, but telling someone you’re going through a tough time in real life can be hard. Whether you talk to a friend, family member or doctor asking for help can be scary. But it’s worth it!

Don’t go it alone

It’s important to remember your family and the people who care about you more than likely know that you’re not perfect and want to help you. Nobody should ever go through a tough time alone.

Read eating disorders or getting help for drug use for more information if you’ve been affected by the issues in the advertisement.

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