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Getting back to college

Going back to college can feel a bit intimidating, especially after having been off for a good while. The days are still dark, and you may not be feeling particularly motivated to get straight back into studying and going to class.

It’s understandable to be sad about the lie-ins going away for a while.

Different feelings

We can feel a lot of different things about going back to college from being anxious about the upcoming workload, to being excited to see friends again. All of these feelings are normal. If you find what you’re feeling is affecting you day-to-day, try talking to someone about it.

Getting back into a routine

After spending the break off of school, it can be tough getting back into your routine. If you have morning classes, try slowly building up to waking up early again. If you have new goals or habits you want to start this year, try working them into your schedule now, so starting school and new habits at the same time don’t feel overwhelming.

Clean slate

Although the school year isn’t over yet, this semester can be a clean slate. If you found that you weren’t great at studying last year, try making a plan on how you can improve it. Maybe you didn’t get out and make as many new friends as you had hoped. You can decide if you’d like this new semester to be different. Check out foolproof resolutions for tips on making new goals for this year.

Find something to look forward to

If you’re finding it especially hard getting revved up for school this year, try finding the things you will be looking forward to. Plan getting together with your friends you haven’t seen all break.

Over time, college will fall back into place and you’ll be back into routine, so don’t worry too much. Read more about going back to school.

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