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Subtitles – Inspire A Generation winner

Kate Dolan and Elaine Geraghty Photo: Conor Mc CabeIn May last year, we launched our national film competition “Inspire a Generation” for the second time. We received loads of amazing entries and the judges had to make some tough decisions. But winners were chosen and announced before Christmas. 

The winning film

This year winner was 22-year-old Kate Dolan with her film “Subtitles”. Kate is a freelance filmmaker from Dublin and we interviewed her about what inspired her to make her film and the challenges she faced.

What is your film about?

The film is about breaking the habit of silence in this country in terms of mental health. We all know somebody with problems in their life yet we choose to keep quiet about it. Hopefully the new generation of young people in this country can start to change that.

What inspired you to make the film?

As I said above, this country has a very hush-hush attitude to many things, including mental health. I find it quite frustrating so making this piece is hopefully one small step in the right direction for young people in Ireland.

Were there any challenges in making this film?

We hadn’t got a lot of funds for getting paid actors/sets/props/extras/equipment so I had to call in friends and family to all do a small part for us. It worked out very well and I’m glad I have such a great support system of people to help me out.

What did you enjoy most about the process?

I enjoyed shooting the scene, and explaining what I was trying to achieve to everyone there, they really understood what I meant about breaking the silence. So it was a great feeling to have everyone on board, working together to complete the project.

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