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Harry Styles upset by Twitter comments

Technology is great. It can be provide us with never ending source of information, games and cat videos. Not to mention helping us stay in touch with mates, all the time. Harry Styles

But, there can be a down side too.

The down side

Most of us have been tagged in an unflattering photo at some stage on Facebook. Or we’ve been misunderstood by someone on Twitter or sucked into the negative vortex that are YouTube comments. Seeing these can be hard; but it becomes more traumatic when someone is mean on purpose.

No matter how confident, good-looking, rich or famous you are, when someone says something mean about you, it hurts.

Proof of this is the experience of One Direction’s Harry Styles after reading a massive list of negative comments about him.

Harry’s experience

In November, ITV2 special One Direction: year in the making Harry talked about logging on to Twitter when he was feeling down after he felt he messed-up during a gig.

“It’s one of those times when you’re kinda feeling sorry for yourself. So you’re looking for bad comments to make sure you were right.”

Harry was greeted by a massive list of negative comments. We can all relate when he says “If there’s three people saying ‘you’re amazing’ you don’t think why do they think I’m amazing? Coz you know that they’re a fan. But if there’s one saying they hate me, I’m like why do you hate me? What have I done?”

Ignoring it

In Harry’s case the negative comments were all from people he didn’t even know. This can happen to anyone especially if you use anonymous sites.

It’s normal to care about what people think to some extent but the opinion of strangers who’ve never met you is never worth worrying over.

Already feeling down?

We all feel down sometimes. This could be because something bad has happened like Harry’s gig or there may be no reason at all. If stuff is happening on social media that’s making you feel worse then it’s a good idea to log-off and take a break.

Being bullied

Bullying can take many forms. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard or witnessed some types of cyberbullying these days.

Whatever form it takes bullying is never OK and it takes it’s toll on your mental health and self-esteem. If you’re experiencing any form of bullying it’s important to tell someone about it.

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