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Focusing on the present

With the all the 2012 retrospectives and highlights published everywhere, it’s easy to get caught up in dwelling too much on what happened last year.

clock. photo Nicole PaulieWhether it’s things you’re happy about, or maybe not so happy about, focusing too much on the past can keep you from enjoying the present.

Don’t think so hard

When we focus too much about what we’re doing, sometimes it can make our performance worse. So, when we feel anxious about giving a presentation and we focus on how anxious we feel, it can actually cause our anxiety to build up.

However, completely zoning out isn’t the answer either. Instead of focusing on how worried you are about presenting in front of people, try to notice different things in the room that are happening outside of your head.

Savour the moment

Usually our thoughts become distracted by past or future events. Sometimes we can be out with friends, having a great time and start thinking, “we must do this again sometime.” Next thing, we’re only focusing on how we’d plan it or what we would do instead of focusing on how much fun we’re having at that time.

Be neutral

When you’re noticing things happening in the moment, try not to think of them as being good or bad. Instead, try viewing them as just what they are and that’s it. If you don’t get the marks you want on an exam or assignment, don’t judge it as necessarily being bad. Consider it a score that’s provided you feedback as to what you need to do differently for next time.

Stick with it

Let 2013 be the year you enjoy what’s going on in the here and now. It can be easier said than done in a world where we’re encouraged to multi-task continuously but focusing on the now is a valuable life skill, doing wonders for our sense of well-being.

It if doesn’t work today, give it another go tomorrow. Check out Mindfulness for more information.

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