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That voice inside…shut him up!

That voice inside…shut him up!

This film shows a young mans experience of dealing with negative thoughts about himself.

Jonathan Victory’s film “That voice inside” was highly commended in’s Inspire a Generation film competition 2012.

Read about ways to learn positive self-talk.

That voice inside…shut him up! transcript:

Group: Chatting.

Negative thinking: What are you doing you sap? Do you really think she likes you? This is just sad.

Young man: Shut up.

Negative thinking: I mean do you think girls like some random lad, just coming and sitting beside them, trying to ingratiate himself.

Young man: Shut up.

Negative thinking: I mean look at their body language, she’s barely paying attention to them. Let alone you.

Young man: Because I can always trust you on body language, can’t I?

Negative thinking: They’re leaving now.

Young man: Are you guys heading off?

Girl: Yeah, we’ve got work to do.

Young man: Alright, see you later.

Girl: See you.

Negative thinking: Is this your chance? You’re not going to take it, are you? How long have you known her? And you still haven’t asked her out, you’re pathetic.

Young man: Shut up.

Negative thinking: You’re not going to ask her out. You never are. No one will ever like you. You don’t even have the courage.

Young man: Shut up!

Girl: Hey.

Young man: Hey. I was wondering, I was wondering if you’d like to meet up some time?

Girl: I’m actually seeing someone at the moment….

Young man: Are you?!

Negative thinking: Speaking too loud.

Girl: Yeah, so I don’t know if…

Young man: Yeah, it’s fine.

Girl: I’m really sorry.

Young man: No, it’s ok. It’s no problem. I’ll se you around anyway.

Girl: Ok, see you.

Young man: See you.

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