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Helping you get through tough times

Pimp my mental health

Pimp my mental heath

In this short film we join Gotcha Feelin’ as he helps Chloe “pimp her mental health” and get through a tough time.

Pimp my mental health by Homejam Productions was highly commended in’s Inspire a Generation film competition 2012.

Check out ways to look after your mental health.

Pimp my mental health transcript:

Yo, my name is gotcha Feelin’, and I’m here to help a girl called Chloe. I’m here to pimp her mental health.

So you lost someone close to you, that’s hard. But Gotcha Feelin’ is here to help. Tell me a little about yourself. Stop! We need to make some changes.

You can’t throw feelings away

Yo, when you feel rubbish, you can’t just throw those feelings away. You need to get those suckers out!

So, to get a fresh perspective on things, you need to get some fr-fr-fresh air. Being inside all day, makes you feel like you’re inside a prison.


So yo, it’s important to have fun at least once a day.

Your mind is a muscle

Exercise is great, but your mind is also a muscle. You need to move that booty. If you get your mind right, you always look good.

One in four

So yo, check it. One in every four people in the world will experience mental health issues. So if you’re one of those people, you gotta reach out, and you gotta speak out.

The three F’s

So Chloe, if you need to talk, and Gotcha Feelin’ ain’t around you can depend on the three F’s: Friends, family and fr-fr-fr-fr counselor. Let’s kick tough times’ ass, together.

Reach out

So check it! If you’ve got money problems, you gotta reach out and inspire a generation. Pimp your mental health. Thank you Gotcha Feelin’!

Chloe: Thanks you Gottcha Feelin’ for pimping my mental health!

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