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Depression is a monster

Depression is a monster

This film talks about depression and how you can get through or help a friend.

Depression is a monster by Maureen Walshe was first runner up of’s Inspire a Generation film competition 2012.

Depression is a monster transcript:

Depression is a monster. It can stop us getting out of bed in the morning. It can make getting dressed become difficult, the simplest things become harder to do. Even socially becomes hard as you try to block out the negative thoughts.

What is depression

Depression can be brought on by outside factors such as; exam worries, family issues, relationships. But sometimes it can happen without an outside cause. Family and friends can be insensitive if they see no reason for your mood, leaving you hurt, confused and even guilty for feeling low. It’s important to remember they don’t mean to be hurtful, they just don’t understand. So let’s help them see!

Talk to your family and friends to help them understand

Jim and Jane here need a little bit of help every day. Jim wears a hearing aid as he’s hard of hearing, and Jane needs glasses as she is short sighted. It would be insensitive to say that Jim isn’t trying hard enough to hear. Or that Jane just simply feels sorry for herself and can see perfectly fine. The same is true when you say these things to a depressed person. It’s hurtful, not helpful.

It’ll be a weight off your shoulders

So it’s important to talk to family and friends to help them understand. And to talk to your doctor or counsellor to learn the best way for you to cope, once you have it’ll be a weight off your shoulders.

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