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The act of being mindful

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s so easy to get caught up with all the shopping, Christmas parties, exam or assignment work (if you have some) and just general messiness of the run-up to Christmas. But using Mindfulness can help you out!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is when you practice paying attention to what’s going on with yourself physically and emotionally instead of going through the day on autopilot. When we’re on autopilot, we’re more likely to react to our buttons being pushed by people or events.

Practising Mindfulness

The good thing about Mindfulness is that you can do it anywhere. You could even use it while walking or doing the dishes at home. The next time you find yourself waking to the local shop, or walking home from work or school, try just noticing what’s happening around you.

Usually, when we walk somewhere familiar, we get stuck in our own thoughts and may not even remember the walk by the time we get home. Try noticing the buildings or people as you walk past. Tune into what it feels like as your feet hit the ground, or the movement of your arms and legs.

Interfering thoughts

Chances are as you’re walking, thoughts will keep popping into your head, like, “I have so much work due next week, how am I going to get this all done?” or “I wonder what drama is in store for Christmas this year with aunt so-n-so and gran in the same room.” 
Don’t get too frustrated at yourself, just notice these thoughts you have and turn your attention back to your walk.

Keep practising

Practising Mindfulness may not feel natural, or may be difficult for you, but try sticking with it. The more you practise, the easier it will get. Keep in mind, that as long as you’re noticing what’s going on, it’s impossible to fail at being mindful. Check out Mindfulness for more information on the benefits and how to incorporate into your life.

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