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Working out on International Men’s Day

Three young guys playing video games Today is International Men’s Day and it comes in the middle of a month (Movember) when men are being encouraged to think about their health.

There’s no harm in that is there? We’re all about looking after yourself at and a lot of the same principles apply to the upkeep of mental fitness as they do to physical fitness. 

Where to start

We’ve developed a new online tool, WorkOut, for you to gauge your mental fitness levels and work on ways to improve it.

Take the quiz

When you login you’ll need to take a quiz in different areas like confidence, practicality, control and being a team player. These are areas that everyone could improve on.

Take a mission

The results of these tests will show where improvements can be made and which missions to undertake to do this. These include tasks like regulating your sleep or practicing some breathing exercises. All of which will help you deal with stress better.

Obviously there’s a bit of work required, you’ll be on a mission after all. Really it’s only you who can increase your confidence or take control of your life. WorkOut is a tool that helps you along and encourages you to be mindful of your networks, taking time for things you enjoy and your strengths.

Talking to someone

We’re always stressing the importance of talking to someone when going through a tough time, be it a friend, a family member or a counselor. There’s no change there, it can be one of the most helpful things to get through those times. What you learn from WorkOut are ways to develop your own resilience for the day-to-day stuff.

So gentlemen, get working out and increase your mental fitness, for life, not just for Christmas or International Men’s Day.

It is of course open to ladypersons too, as we can all benefit from being mentally fit.

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