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What makes you smile?

sunflowerThere’s nothing nicer then making somebody else smile, but what makes you smile?

This week the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) in partnership with and are asking students to tweet about #whatmakesyousmile.

It’s a clever way to get some positivity into our day. Also, by joining the conversation and tweeting a picture of what makes you smile, you’re in with a chance of winning a ‘feel good’ hamper.

What makes us smile?

We asked some of our youth ambassadors what makes them smile:

•    “Coming home from a long day and having a cup of tea with Mammy.”

•    “Making someone laugh when they’re angry.”

•    “A bath after a long day of work, having dinner made for me, getting letters in the post and watching trashy TV shows with my cat. It’s all about the little things!”

•    “Going for a run (especially if it’s slightly drizzling!) after a frustrating day. You can’t beat the feeling of pounding the pavement for a few miles and returning exhausted but weirdly energised at the same time.”

•    “Sunshine, tea, tunes and friends.”

Whether it’s puppies, pandas or cake that make you smile it’s time to get tweeting as today is the last day to win that hamper.

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