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Staying motivated this winter

Winter by Nicole Paulie Clocks have gone back, the leaves have fallen and there’s no denying it’s cold outside.

Winter can be tough. The cold and dark make it all too tempting to hibernate for the season. The cold makes it hard to find motivation to go out with mates or keep up regular exercise routines and the dark can get us feeling down.


If you’re feeling your motivation for leaving the house waning now’s the time to make a plan for staying social, active and positive this winter.

Staying social

Staying in touch with your friends is really important. Having a laugh and a chat will make you feel much better and is a reminder of the support network that you have,

Having fun

OK, beer gardens may be out but there are plenty of things you can do to stay connected.  Have people over to cook dinner, check out free museums and galleries or just have your mates over for a cuppa and to play some video games. Start a regular night like movie, poker or board game night.

Learn something new

If you don’t feel your friends would be up for it why not join a night class?  It doesn’t matter which, the point is to motivate yourself to get out of the house, do something fun and meet new people.

Staying active

Regular exercise is really important. If you’re lacking in motivation rope a friend into going with you.  Joining a team or class works too.  Or you could chuck the regular routine altogether and take up ice-skating, hokey, zumba or jazz ballet.

With a plan for winter you never know it could become your favorite season. But if it doesn’t, remember it’s only a few months.

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