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Standing up against cyberbullying

Social media, we use it for everything; keeping in touch with people, near and far; reading the news; staying connected with sport and entertainment or campaigning. Then, there is the rise of the relatively new phenomena cyberbullying. Therefore, social media is frequently in the news for very negative reasons.

Daniel’s story

Facebook profile. (David Goldman/Associated Press)You may not have heard this story about cyberbullying; one with a difference. High school footballer Daniel Cui let in a goal that lost the match for his team. It happens, he’s a goalie.

But, someone in his school decided to blame Daniel for the whole team’s performance that season. They created an album on Facebook of all of Daniel’s worst football moments and it soon went viral around the school.

As you can imagine this was really upsetting for Daniel and he tried to stay away from school to avoid seeing anyone.

We’re all Daniel Cui

Daniel’s friends decided they had to act. They found a photo of Daniel making an excellent save and all made it their profile pictures. Over the following hours over 100 students from his school made it their profile picture as well or liked the photo.

One of his friends has been quoted as saying, “The whole school stood up for one kid who needed it” and “The next day Daniel came to school like he was 10 feet tall”


Chances are if we don’t experience cyberbullying ourselves we could know someone who does. We are all responsible for preventing it. Make no excuses the impact of cyberbullying is just the same.

We’re all responsible

Nasty pictures and messages only go viral if people share them. Think before you share or like something. No matter how funny it is, how would it feel if it was about you. Just because you didn’t upload it or don’t know the person doesn’t make it OK.

Supporting your friends

Daniel Cui’s story shows there are things we can do to support someone. In this case, one good picture outweighed many embarrassing ones. If a friend is being cyberbullied let them know you’re there for them, that they do have friends out there to support them, in whatever way you can.

If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying online read cyberbullying for steps on how to stop it.

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