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The Irish team: Dealing with disappointment

football pitch “Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.” ~ Unknown

There are a lot of angry, disappointed football fans out there this week. Only the very optimistic would have expected a win for Ireland last Friday. The game against Germany was more of a massacre than a loss, with a final score of six – one to Germany.


We will all experience disappointment at some stage and more often it will be a lot more personal than a football match.

Express it

Disappointment can lead to a rage of emotions such as anger, hurt and sadness. Sometimes it can be hard to admit when we’re disappointed.

At times it feels easier to try to laugh to off. But, it’s OK to talk about how you feel. It helps you vent and get things into perspective.


It’s hard when things don’t work out the way you hope. Talking about it will help you figure why it didn’t work out. Finding out what you can try differently will improve your chances next time round.

Changing thoughts

Dwelling on “what could have been” isn’t helpful. Don’t beat yourself up about things you’d no control over.

Making yourself feel bad could prevent you from trying again.

Looking to the future

Use the things you learned to move forward. Now that you know what hasn’t worked in the past, concentrate on what does. The Irish team is definitely not letting this defeat get them down and is looking ahead to tonight’s game against the Faroe Islands.

Stand-in captain for Friday’s game John O’Shea has been quoted as saying “Obviously we are still massively disappointed by how it went the other night. We cannot forget it but hopefully we can move on from it.”

Let’s hope that they can learn from their disappointment and “bring it” tonight. COYBIG.

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