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Ireland vs Germany: a silver lining

soccer ballExcited about Ireland facing Germany tonight in the 2014 world cup qualifier?

The underdogs

No surprise, but we’re the underdogs. Despite winning our last game against Kazakhstan, scoring two goals in the last two minutes, Germany are still the clear favorites. One of the reasons being a spate of injuries that have befallen the Irish team.


Giovanni Trapattoni’s planned team for the game has been destroyed by the loss a several key players.


It could be easy to be disheartened by the absence of certain players. It’ll certainly be a challenge for the team. But in this challenge lies a silver lining.

The situation provides an excellent opportunity for some of our younger and less weathered players to gain some valuable experience. In fact it’s necessary to insure future years of great Irish football.

Learning from experience

We all have challenges in life but one thing we can learn from the Irish team is to try and see the hidden opportunities. It can be really hard but tough times don’t last forever and what we learn from these experiences will benefit us for years to come. One of the things that makes this possible is support from family and friends.

The best fans

Winning would be an unexpected treat but even if we don’t manage it the Irish always win in term of having the best fans anyways. To be sure, to be sure.

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