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Hurling teams show us how to deal with the unexpected

empty stadiumAll summer, the Galway and Kilkenny hurling teams have been training relentlessly.

All their thoughts were turned towards one Holy Grail. Hoping to make it to the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final on the 9th of September

Months of preparation

They knew that if they could make it that far they’d be able to hang up their helmets afterwards and take a well-deserved break. Hopefully as All-Ireland champions.

And they did it – they accomplished their goal. Both teams faced off in a tense showdown filled with drama and determination.

But by the time the sun set over Croke Park that evening, It became apparent that neither team would be returning home with the cup.

For the first time in 53 years, the final score was a draw. A replay scheduled for three weeks later.

Shocking news

Both sets of fans were in shock. It was a second chance at victory, but it also would require another three weeks of rollercoaster emotion.

And how must the players have felt? They’d been waiting so long for their day of reckoning, only to have everything postponed.

This Sunday they’ll gather once again. Summoning up every last reserve of strength and determination. The final home of the Liam MacCarthy Cup will be decided.

How to cope

When bolts from the blue happen to us, sometimes it can leave us reeling.

Whether it’s failing an exam, losing a job or even just getting unexpected news, life can sometimes throw us curveballs.

Working on your problem-solving skills and coping strategies is important so you don’t feel too overwhelmed when things don’t go according to plan.

Stay calm

Kilkenny Hurling Manager Brian Cody has this to say about how he coped with the news of a replay:

“You just have to adapt. You sit down, discuss, plan, work out the best way forward and you realise very quickly that it’s still a game of hurling you want to play.”

He’s right. Staying calm will help you focus on what’s happened and the best way to deal with it.

Positive self-talk

Try to think of the positives or opportunities in what has happened. Challenging your negative self-talk will help you feel better able to tackle what lies ahead.

Galway Captain Fergal Moore certainly feels like his team is ready to tackle Kilkenny this Sunday, despite the upheaval.

“Because (last) Sunday’s game is in the past now. We can only take what we can from it, learn and work to improve, and put those into practice for the replay.”

Whichever team emerges triumphant from this Sunday’s clash, it’s sure to be a fight to the finish.

There may have been setbacks along the way, but the Galway and Kilkenny players have all shown us how to keep our eyes firmly on the ball.

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