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Culture Night: Do something different this evening

Autumn leavesIt’s that time of year again. Along with autumn comes the return of school and college work. Sigh.

Growing work loads

There are school shirts to iron, grants to apply for, essays to write and the carefree days of summer now seem like a distant memory.

It can be easy to feel like you’re slowly being buried under a mound of tasks and assignments.

The colder weather too can make us feel like hibernating at home when we have a free evening.

Don’t neglect yourself

But with increased work loads, also comes the responsibility to look after ourselves so we don’t get snowed under.

You’ve made time for that essay on French literature, now make time for yourself.

Catch up with friends, go see a movie, but most importantly, get out of the house.

Get out and about

If your life is beginning to seem like one long return journey between school and your bed, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

A change of scene, a little stimulation or a dash of culture can snap you out of it and refresh your tired brain.

After all, we need regular injections of fun and excitement to prepare us for a long season of study and assignments.

Culture Night

There are no excuses, especially when tonight sees the return of Culture Night, an evening when venues, galleries, studios and theatres all over Ireland open their doors to the public for free.

It’s just the motivation we need to leave the house when it’s getting colder and the evenings are getting shorter.

From Jazz singing in the Unitarian Church at St Stephen’s Green in Dublin to “Art in the Park” in Fitzgerald Park, Cork city, there’s something to please everyone around the country tonight.

Sneak a peek at the workings of the Dublin Buddhist Centre who will be opening their doors all day for a series of workshops on Mindfulness, meditation and much more, sure to banish the back-to-school blues!

Or head along for a creative writing session or film workshop with Waterford Youth Arts at the Arch on Barrack Street, who will be opening their doors from 6pm.

Seize the night

All across the country, students will be closing their books and forsaking their laptops once 5pm rolls around this evening.

Be one of them! Call your friends, check out the Culture Night program and head on out around town for some cultural stimulation tonight.

Your head will thank you for it.

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