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Coming up to my debs

Transitions can be difficult, with leaving school being one of the big ones. Your debs, which marks this, can bring up a wide range of emotions. Here, Emma discusses all she’s looking forward to about her debs and what she won’t miss.

ballgownI am a newly graduated secondary school student. Completing my leaving certificate was a gruelling but rewarding experience. Leaving school this summer I felt excited and eager to see what else is out there for me.

Leaving school behind

School for me was very restricting and the thought of college and adulthood enthrals me. Finishing school is a relief and an achievement. It’s just one chapter in my long journey. For me personally, the thoughts of never going back to school are ones of relief. Secondary school didn’t suit me and I struggled. I am happy to leave it behind me and look forward to starting college in the coming weeks.

The debs

Excitingly, I have my debs coming up next week. A chance for every girl to dress up and have a good night. There is so much anticipation around this event it’s hard to know what to feel. I am most looking forward to the amazing night planned with my close friends and wearing my dress.

On the night

My reservations on this night would have to be spending the night with a year group who I don’t particularly click with and the intensive drinking that will take place.

Open to judgement 

A challenge for me on this night will be the initial arrival and everyone judging the date you’re brining and your attire for the night. It’s an excuse for girls to judge you. The trick is feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing and just ignore the critics. As they say “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may never hurt you”. I’m sure for some it will be a sad night as it is the last time everyone will be together. But, as I said this is just one chapter and new friends will come and better times are ahead.

What the future holds

The next step in my journey is to continue onto third level and complete a degree in an area I love. Nobody can tell what will happen but I am excited to see what my future holds. I would love to get involved in societies in my college to broaden my knowledge and to integrate into college life. Roll on my 20s, is all I can say.

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