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World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day. Though the day is about prevention, take a moment to remember those who have died by suicide.


Most people do know someone who has been affected by suicide but, it’s safe to say that, nearly everyone knows someone who has had suicidal thoughts at some stage.

But remember these thoughts are just thoughts, so knowing this and developing a “toolkit” of strategies, are key to preventing suicide.

Know the signs

If we’re all aware of signs of feeling so low, in ourselves and in others, we can all look out for each other.

Changes in behaviour are something to note in those close to you. These could be like not being interested in things they used to enjoy or being sad all the time.

When a friend or family member starts to withdraw, not wanting to hang out with anyone or expresses feelings of worthlessness do your best to check-in with them. If your friend threatens to take their own life,  know the actions to take.

All our business

We are always encouraging people to talk about what’s bothering them to someone. Most of us know what a relief it is when we do. Remind yourself that friends care and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask each other if we’re OK.

If you’ve been affected by suicide recently you may want to read, when someone takes their own life.

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