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Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

In 2011 was excited to become a supporting partner of the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in Melbourne, Australia.


Funded by the Australian government, the Young and Well CRC is an international research centre. Uniting young people with researchers, practitioners and innovators from over 70 organisations it explores the role of technology in young people’s lives. The emphasis of the research is to show how technology can be used to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Bridging the digital disconnect

We are one of only three international partners and the only European partner currently involved in this initiative. As a Young and Well partner, we collaborating on a project called ‘Bridging the Digital Disconnect’ with colleagues in NUI Galway.

The project aims to develop resources for different adult gatekeepers who care about youth mental health, including parents, teachers, youth workers and health professionals.

The opportunity

As a partner organisation we are collaborating to research, develop, promote, disseminate and evaluate tools, models, programs and services that use technology to improve mental health and well-being for young people.

This world-scale collaboration marks a unique opportunity for youth-focused organisations to enrich their work with knowledge far greater and more valuable than could be achieved individually.

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