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Starting at a new school?

feet held in an awkward way Anyone the new boy or girl this year? Starting at a new school for whatever the reason it can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. Luckily, there’s ways to make it easier.

It’s okay to feel stress

Feeling stressed or anxious about starting a new school is completely normal! There’s a lot going on. You may be sad about leaving old friends, worried about meeting new people and just finding your way around. 

Remember everyone is the new person at some stage and have felt the same in this situation. Chances are you aren’t the only new person starting this year.

Making the transition

The first few weeks of school may be a little rough, but you can get through it! Try getting involved with activities at school, or finding ice breakers to meet new people.
Take some time to read through your class schedule. Be patient, it’ll take time to get used to being in a new school. Take one day at a time, and keep in mind: it’ll get easier.

Clean slate

Going to a new school is like getting a fresh start. This is a chance to be yourself and try new things without dealing with the same old groups from your old school. It can be an opportunity to reinvent yourself too, if you feel you want to.

Try to take some time and do things you enjoy. Transitions like these are stressful and staying in touch with friends from your old school too, when you’ve time, can help ease the situation.
For more information, check out starting a new school.

There’ll come a day when you’re the new person at work too, so arming yourself now with our top tips will set you up  for life!

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