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Shooting hoops with

This summer took to the streets with their basketball hoop, basketballs and spray paint in hand. This is the third year running we’ve used our Shoot the Hoops competition at Irish festivals.

Shooting hoops

The Shoot the Hoops competition is a fun way of engaging with people off-line. By being in the spaces you are, talking about mental health, creates the opportunity to connect about mental health in a more relevant and positive way.

The competition itself involves seeing how many hoops the participants can shoot in one minute, with a new winner each hour.

Street performers’ world championships

The championships took place on the weekend of 21 -22 July in Dublin’s Merrion square. There was a great vibe with street performers, live music, fairground rides and tasty food. We met loads of people over the two days and, with help from their fabulous volunteers, shot a lot of hoops too.

Kings of Concrete

This was our third year partnering with the vibrant Kings of Concrete festival. The festival is a celebration of youth culture including street art, skate boarding, BMX-ing, DJ-ing and break-dancing. This August the festival was held on Hanover quay in partnership with the tall ships.

The festival provided the perfect opportunity for us to meet hundreds of young people from around the country. Getting the word out about, showing it’s OK to talk about mental health in an everyday setting is what it’s all about.

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