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Kings of Concrete

Kings of Concrete is back for its seventh year running. It’s going to be three days of non-stop skating, BMX-ing, dancing, DJ-ing, gaming and street art. Kings of Concrete

For these three days the skills these young people display are being embraced for doing their thang, instead of ostracised. More of this please!

Drawing large crowds

Kings of concrete started in 2006 and draws massive crowds of all ages. The festival is hardly a niche thing but like mental health, skating and painting has had a bit of a stigma attached to them.

Numerous benefits

It promises, as always, to be a very vibrant and creative experience. Regularly engaging in activities and feeling part of a community is a massive protective factor for depression.

In fact the ethos of Kings of Concrete is “Do Something” – get up off your ass, get out there and get stuck in, life’s too short not to…;ya dig!?

We couldn’t agree more, telling us, in no uncertain terms, that getting involved with activities like these has numerous benefits. will be there

We’ll be there over the three days, with our basketball competition. At young people are at the centre of everything we do. But, there are other reasons why we need to be at events like Kings of Concrete.

Why are we’re there

There’s a lot of focus on negative mental health, often only referring to it in terms of disorders. Mental health is part of our every day life and the fact is mental health, just like physical health can be good or bad and needs just as much looking after.

Take a look at some of the ways you can look after your mental health.

Good to talk

Having a presence at places like Kings of Concrete is a reminder that there are mental health services available for young people. We’re there to demonstrate that it’s OK to talk about mental health in a fun way.

Find us!

You won’t be made to talk about your feelings! Just come over and shoot some hoops this weekend. So head on down to Kings of Concrete, Hanover Quay, beside the Tall Ships festival and experience some of the positive vibes from this vibrant community.

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