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7 things we learned from the Olympics

The London Olypmics 2012 are over. Are you suffering from withdrawals, glad it’s over or did they pass you by completely?

Any-which-way it’s helped us learn a few things, or reinforce some things we already knew.

1. The importance of mental fitness cannot be underestimated.

olympic medals The Australian team were offered sessions with a clinical psychologist in their recovery centres. They would debrief and relax, working through other stress-management techniques throughout the competition.

“Some athletes will have counselling or learn breathing or sleeping techniques, others will simply listen to music or practice positive visualisations of their disciplines.”

2. Resilience is important for everyone and we can learn it.

Kelly Holmes, Olympic Gold medal winer, now mentors young athletes deeming mental strength and focus to be everything as well as working through the tough times.

“…experience proves a lot to people. If they can get through the bad times then they are more likely to come through and make the most of the good times.”

3. Our ideas of body perfection are quite skewed.

What’s perfect? Who says so? Perfect for what? See this collection of photographs of different Olympians showing huge variations in size and shape.

Check-in on your own body image.

4. Breaking things down into familiar chunks helps you achieve your goals.

Adzo Kpossi, at 13-years-old was the youngest athlete and could have been completely overwhelmed. But, when competing in the 50m freestyle, was asked if she was excited, Kpossi said, “No, no, no. I am used to it. I went to the world championships in Shanghai last year, so this wasn’t my first time swimming in a big pool.”

Learn about setting your own goals.

5 . We all need to acknowledge our achievements and the work that we’ve done.

After 19-year-old Steven Solomon came last in his 400 metre final, he told Australia’s Channel Nine TV, “I’m really happy. Although I came last in the final, I got to the final. I gave it absolutely everything I had.”

6. Positive self-talk is crucial to “go all the way to the very top”.

As demonstrated by our very own Katie Taylor and so we blogged about it.

7. Clearly great minds think alike!

Our annual film competition is called “Inspire a generation” just like the London Olympics programme.

So there!

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