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What Katie did!

Just in case you’ve been under a rock and didn’t hear, Katie Taylor won the gold at the Olympics yesterday. All her hard work had paid-off and she’s made the Irish so proud, getting to the top of her game. So how did she do it?

Katie Taylor with her gold medal

Believing in yourself

Even as an eleven-year-old Katie had phenomenal belief in herself and her abilities “I’m going all the way to the very the top”.  

The power of positive thought

It’s taken a lot of hard work to get Katie to where she is today but her first step was believing in herself. In those moments before a fight, or anything with a lot of pressure, when it’s just you and that little voice in the back of your head, what that voice says can make all the difference. Positive self-talk is vital to achieving your goals. 


We all have it from time-to-time, the little voice niggling away telling us we’re not good at something, that makes you compare yourself to someone else in a way that’s not helpful. But for some this voice can take over.

Learning to challenge this negative-talk can be a big job in itself but necessary to help you achieve your goals and manage stress.

There are a number of common thinking errors that are worth taking note so you can catch them when they come up.

Going for gold!

We’re not all going to be heading into the ring for a few rounds. Phew! But there are events in everyday life that can seem like that so getting on top of self-talk is a skill for life.

So let Katie be an inspiration to start challenging any negative-thinking you might have today. 

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