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Viva la resolution!

light bulb So it’s well over six months since we made those new year’s resolutions. Remember them? That list of items that you were going to work through to improve…well, everything. It’s a little scary checking-in on that list to see how you’re doing. Especially if you’re not exactly on track. 

Learning from previous attempts

Never fear! It doesn’t matter if you’re not where you’d hoped to be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. With everything you’ve learned from your latest attempt, these goals are as good as yours this time round.  

New beginning

Summer is drawing to a close, so everyone is moving back into old routines or embarking on new ones. Whether you’re going back to college or feeling relaxed after a summer holiday, starting a new year or a change of schedule is a good time to make some changes. Autumn and winter provide plenty of long nights-in to practice that guitar, learn French or dance your heart out in some sitting room zumba sessions. 

Making new goals

The best way to work towards what you want is to set goals. This means writing down what you want to achieve and then breaking it down into small manageable steps.  

Realistic goals

The trick is, make sure your goals are realistic. It’s so easy to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves about how much we can get done. Being unrealistic will just be setting you up for failure. So start small and chat to a friend or family member to ensure your goal is achievable. 

Identifying barriers

It’s easy to start off with the best of intentions but sometimes life just gets in the way. If your goals now are similar to the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, look at what got in the way. Maybe you found it difficult to make enough time or struggled with motivation. Identifying those barriers from the get-go will helps you plan how to overcome them, making it much easier to achieve your goals.

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