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Spin Café

For two weeks in July, had the pleasure of partnering with Spin 1038 in their pop up café.

Not just coffee

Located in Dundrum Town Centre, all the profits from the café went to Along with the traditional café fare of tea, coffee and muffins, the Spin Café gave listeners the unique opportunity to meet  with their favourite Spin DJs and Ambassadors.

The conversation

While raising funds the café also enabled to talk about mental health in an everyday setting.’s Note to Self Campaign was set up in the café.

With the help of the Spinis and ambassadors people were encouraged to write their future selves a positive message. These will be posted to them at a random date in the future.

Take time

The partnership between Spin 1038 and café also served as a reminder for people to take time out of their busy lives to look after their mental health.

It emphasised the importance of reaching out to your loved ones. Even something as small as making the time to catch up for a chat and a coffee can make all the difference.

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