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Coronation Street highlights bullying

Faye for Coronation StreetAny fans of Corrie out there? Maybe even for some it’s a secret guilty pleasure.

Recently in Coronation Street, a character Faye was being bullied by girls in school. One of the things they were taunting her about is the fact that she was adopted.


When you’re outside the situation this seems silly, however, to someone like Faye going through a vulnerable stage of life, it can be extremely damaging. As with Faye’s case bullying can often be because of a perceived difference.

Parents and teachers tell us continuously, but it’s worth remembering if someone is deliberately hurting other people’s feelings, it’s likely that it’s a result of their own insecurities. But it can be hard to see this or little consolation if you’re on the receiving end of it.

Not a joke for all

Some bullying behaviour can come from insensitivity rather than cruelty. What can be teasing for one person can be deeply upsetting to the person on the receiving end. If one person isn’t laughing it may not be a joke.

Watching behaviour

It’s always worth considering this by checking in with your own behaviour to make sure you’re not upsetting someone without realising it. If you do offend someone without having intended to, you can only apologise and make sure to avoid doing it again. We all need to make sure we know what bullying is

Tell someone

If you’re aware of someone being bullied or are subject to it yourself, it’s vital to talk to someone before it develops further. Find someone in a position of responsibility and explain clearly what’s going on. While this takes a lot of bravery the behaviour cannot be allowed to continue for you or the person or people involved.

Have some questions?

Our current featured expert, Jennifer Ryan, is taking your questions about bullying behaviours, if you are concerned for yourself or a friend or in fact unsure of your own behaviour.

We have no control how the story ends oup for Faye in Corrie, but in our own lives we can and should all do something about bullying.

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