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Letting it all out on Centre Court

Whether you’re a tennis fan or not you’ll probably know that last Sunday, Andy Murray was beaten in the Wimbledon Final. Murray had been attempting to become the first British player to win the tournament since 1936.

tennis courtAfterwards, he was understandably devastated by the defeat.

Emotional speech

While making his speech during the presentation, Murray was overcome with emotions. He said, contrary to feeling pressure with everyone watching playing at that level, the crowd had been a huge support.  

Saying it all

Given that he’s been accused of being inexpressive, it was refreshing to see Murray show some emotion. As, Federer remarked, it showed how much he cared about the match. In fact, Murray took the mirophone to make sure he said all he wanted to.

Impressive determination

This release of emotion gave an idea of the pressure and expectations he’s had to deal with, particularly over the last few days. Even those who dislike him couln’t deny that the determination he played with was impressive.

They cheered him and helped him on as he tried to calm himself. Some tennis fans have been reluctant to get behind Murray, because of a perception of him being moody. However, by showing how deeply he cared, he seems finally to have won over the vast majority of supporters.

Letting it out

Luckily we don’t all have hundreds of thousands of people watching our every move when we’re doing something important. So having a good old cry and letting things out shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Well, in truth, sometimes we can think it is a big deal, but actually getting exactly how and what we feel in the open can be just what we need. Sure, it doesn’t change the situation but it can feel good. As with Andy Murray, it can be a surprise to see how positively people react to it.

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