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Foróige youth expo

Daniel has been interning with for three weeks. Below he talks about his experience of representing us at Foróige’s Youth Expo and about the Note to Self campaign.


Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working at the stand at Foróige’s Youth Expo at the RDS. Foróige is an organisation dedicated to “empowering youth and enriching communities”. This was the first opportunity during my internship to become involved in an event like this. It gave me the chance to meet people on behalf of

Skating and break-dancing

By nature, these events are difficult to organise without coming across as being heavy-handed or disconnected from their target audience. Fortunately, this one managed to avoid that and created a youth-centred vibe without appearing to overdo it.

As well as the many stands, there was a break-dancing competition, a skate ramp and a zip-line stretched across the length of the length of the hall.

Frances Fitzgerald

Amongst the stands around us was one hosted by the Gardaí, who seemed delighted with the opportunity to meet younger people in a more positive way than they might otherwise have the opportunity to.

There was also an appearance from Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. She seemed excited by what had to offer and by the event in general.

Note to Self

The main focus of our stand was the Note to Self campaign. People write positive messages to themselves or to a friend. These will be sent out to them in a few months’ time. This went down extremely well, as did the free pens, badges and stickers!

Over two hundred wrote notes and many others visited the stand. The vast majority seemed thrilled with the idea and genuinely intrigued by what had to offer.

Raising awareness

To me, the event seemed to characterise some of the central concepts behind In particular, the effort to address vitally important issues in a constructive way without becoming weighed down by their nature. It also displayed effective ways of increasing awareness for these issues and providing great encouragement and assistance for those who might require it.

Positive environment

What I found to be the most striking thing about the event was the enthusiasm and good humour of everyone there. The majority showed an admirable willingness to involve themselves in any of the various activities available.

I greatly enjoyed the experience of representing the organisation in such a positive environment. It was a great event that underlined the value of the work being done by and associated organisations.


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