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Staying social can help with depression

wooden dollsBrrr, well so much for the Irish summer. It’s wet and cold and predictions for the weekend aren’t much better. This pesky weather can get us down and interfere with our summer plans but don’t let it force you into hibernation.

The study

A recent study by UCD has shown that getting out and socialising is not only fun but good for our mental health too. 
The study looked at 100 people who were already receiving conventional treatments for depression. It encouraged them to take part in a social activity for at least two hours per week. This could be anything from going to the movies to having a friend over for a cup of tea.  

The results

According to the lead author, Dr Anne Sheridan, by the end of the study, all of the participants reported feeling better about themselves, having more confidence, and experienced fewer symptoms of depression.  

Anything goes

It doesn’t matter what activity you do; at home or outside, with just one friend or a whole group.    

On a budget

Money issues can seem to hamper your social life, so if you’re broke it’s time to get creative with your time. There are heaps of free, or cheap things you can do this summer, like free festivals, going for walks or cycles with your friends, outdoor cinema around the country, going to galleries or even just dropping into friends for a cuppa.  

Meeting new people

If you can’t convince your friends to brave the cold and rain, head out anyway. Maybe take the opportunity this summer to meet new people.
Whatever you do with your time, you probably knew it already but staying connected to people is better for everyone.

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