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“We had dreams and songs to sing”

Dreams of winning the European Championships may be over but there was one Irish performance that caused quite a stir.
wing mirror socks

Best behaviour

Accolades have been coming thick and fast from all over about the Irish fans at the Ireland vs Spain match last night. In fact, all week Irish fans have been living it up in Poland and, well not running amok. All good-natured fun, erm, mostly.

Credit where it’s due

But last night, when all hope was lost, the supporters sang “The Fields of Athenry” for the last six minutes of the game and well past the final whistle of the match, for their team.

Those in the football world have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter, with Fabrice Muamba tweeting “Credit to the irish fans the way they support they team. It incredible.”


Even the Wikipedia page for “The Fields of Athenry” was updated this morning (!) stating – “The display of support was noted in media in Spain, Poland and Germany, where the song’s provenance was explained.”

Fans interviewed leaving the stadium said the boys did their best. Behind them to the end. At the beginning of this week we were talking about the importance of support, and while it didn’t get the result wanted, what a good news story! We all know how few and far between they are.


No matter what certain people have to say about giving the fans something to sing for, let’s bring it home, the idea of unwavering support. Support from family and friends when you need it, or even just knowing it’s there can make you walk tall.

Hang on to those socks for your wing mirrors, there’s the Olympics to come.


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