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The importance of support

Should have been a penalty! What sort of substitution was that? Under-performance or unrealistic ambition? Hold on, hold on.

Irish football fans25,000 Irish fans flew, drove and cycled to Ponzan to watch the boys in green last night. That in itself ought to win some sort of prize, no?

There’s a reason the team are there, they earned it and so have earned the support. Hope is not futile!


As a nation we’ve taken a few blows to our sense of national pride in the last few years. Bailouts, mass emigration and finally acknowledging that we just don’t have the Eurovision knack anymore. (We have actually accepted that, haven’t we?)

Until last night, we were full of belief and excitement about the European Championships. Having the craic on a monumental scale, flying the flags, wearing the wigs and bristling with optimism.

C’mon Ireland!

Even those with absolutely no interest in football have been swept up in the carnival atmosphere. It’s infectious.

The feeling of being a part of something is a good feeling. Feeling connected and the communal sense of anticipation can give you strength and with that comes highs and lows. But it’s the shared experience and that makes all the difference.


Can you see where we’re going with this? The moral of the story is: when you’re going through a tough time sharing it with someone you trust will make all the difference too. Support from family and friends can give us the strength to get through tough times. Offering support to others can give them that strength, when they need it.


Last night’s result was disappointing. If you’re doing the Leaving Cert right now, (double whammy) last week’s English paper was disappointing. But what we really have now is a test of our resilience.

Let’s dust ourselves down, muster up that energy and belief we had not 24 hours ago to continue to support the boys in green. Remember, there’s everything to play for.

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