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snowy climb on magerton mountainFenella, our very own research and evaluation officer, along with five friends from Cork have decided to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Here, she gives us the how and why…

“It’s an incredible challenge and an amazing opportunity to climb to 6,000 meters, hiking from rain forest to arctic like conditions in six days and reaching the peak on the morning of the sixth day in time to see the sun rise over Africa. We are due to start our climb on the 27 July 2012 and arrive back down on the 1 August 2012.


We all started out with different levels of fitness and we’re mostly training on our own trying to build up overall fitness. Between us all, we’re going to the gym, running, swimming, doing kettle-bells, cycling and playing soccer. We also get together to do some practice climbs at weekends as well. This is probably the most important part of training, but unfortunately the most time-consuming and most weather dependent.

Sense of achievement

Setting ourselves a goal like this is such a great motivator to get fit and we get a real sense of achievement from the training. Being able to reach the top of one of the Kerry mountains or run an extra kilometre than we could before feels great so we can only imagine the sense of achievement and pride we’ll feel if (fingers crossed) we all make it to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Keeping our spirits up

Climbing Kilimanjaro is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one, by all accounts. Feeling prepared is so important and all the planning and talking things through that we’re doing helps in making sure we all feel ready and believe we can do it. Having each other’s support while climbing will keep our spirits up and help ensure we all reach the top!

We’ve chosen to do this climb in aid of as we all feel it is an organisation that is close to our hearts and is very worthwhile. We’ve all been through tough times in our lives and we’ve each had to help friends with things that they’ve gone through. is here 24/7 as a support to help us deal and cope with our own tough times and to provide information about how best to help a friend through something too. We’ve also been reading up on the minding your mental health section about self-talk, setting goals and Mindfulness. These have given us some great tips and information to make sure we’re mentally prepared for the climb.

Thanks for all support

Our family and friends are a great suppport to us and we’d like to thank them all for this, especially Coláiste Chríost Rí Secondary School in Cork who have done a fundraising no-uniform day in aid of If you’d like to help us reach our fundraising goal, you can donate on the Inspire/ mycharity page.”

Some of the team are pictured here climbing Mangerton Mountain in Co Kerry. 

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