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Top tips for exam week from our experts

writing We can offer a lot of advice about how to get through the Leaving Cert but we thought we’d hand it over to experts: people who’ve been through it recently. Here are some practical exam tips from our volunteers.

Don’t stay up all night

“Do some light revision the night before an exam but don’t stay up until the wee hours in the hope that some new information is going to settle into your exhausted brain.”


 “Highlight everything! Important information in notes, important words in questions, whether they ask you to discuss, explain, etc. Pull out the important information in the question with a highlighter, makes them stand out more, and you’re more likely to retain that information.”

Record it

“If you’re a kind of auditory person record/download some material you can listen to passingly on the bus. You’d be surprised how well it works especially for history essays.”

Study tips

“Depending on how you learn, you could re-write out notes a lot of times, have family members quiz you on a page of notes, attempt to teach a family member without looking at your notes, record yourself saying your notes, and listen to them on the way to the exam. Get a study buddy, found they’re super helpful!”

Stay positive -“Put up some positive/inspirational quotes around the place to keep in good spirits about things! Have a playlist set aside for breaks or taking a stroll”

Eat breakfast

 “Even if you don’t normally have breakfast in the morning, try to eat something. A bowl of porridge/cereal is ideal for slow-releasing energy. But if you’re too full of nerves to stomach that, munch a banana on the way to school”


 “Make sure that you have a bottle of water to sip during your exam because dehydration is terrible for your brain function and can make you feel lethargic. “

The exam

“Take a deep breath before you open the page of your exam. Don’t be daunted by the content. Tackle the questions that are worth the most marks first. If you get stuck at any point while answering them, move onto one of the smaller/easier questions and return to the other one after you’ve got a little break from it.”

Do your best

 “You’ve spent months preparing for these exams and all anybody, including yourself, can expect you to do is your personal best. Keep a clear head and focus on the tasks at hand, rather than the points you’ll receive in August. “

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