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Cramming like a boss for the Leaving Cert

text books Ahhhh! There’s only one week left until the Leaving Cert. In the wise words of Douglas Adams: “Don’t Panic”.

OK, so it may feel pointless trying to cram the whole two-year course into the next week, but desperate times and all that. It can be overwhelming when reality sets in and you realise how much study still needs to be done. Remember stay calm. It’s still a week. You can and will get through this!

Smart choices

With the countdown on, the most important thing is to prioritise and make realistic goals. Having unrealistic expectations of yourself will only stress you out more. Make smart choices about what you can do in the time left working with the timetable.

Bust that stress

Don’t forget to take breaks and schedule in rewards. This will help getting through the actual exams, and remember, all study all the time makes you go something something…

Hit the gym or go for a run or walk to reduce anxiety and keep focused.

Not the end of the world

While the Leaving Cert is important if you don’t get the points you want, you still have plenty of options. Check out an alternative path from someone who struggled through Leaving Cert but it all worked out in the end. 

Good luck!

Take a look at tips for effective studying and managing exam stress for more pointers. 

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