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7 reasons to be happy this summer

Summer is here! Yes the weather is rubbish, there’s no denying it. But it is still the summer and there are reasons to be happy about that and ways to enjoy what’s left. 

It’s not hibernation time

We have lonnnng winters. That last one started in 2009. We’ve been wrapped up in doors, and now summer is the time when we surface, sometimes seeing friends we don’t see during the winter.

Yay, for BBQs on long summer evenings. (Lidl has been very wisely selling cheap marquees, all over the country.)

Music festivals and free events too

If you don’t have the cash to head to one of the big ones left, or to get away to one with sun, there’s heaps of free or cheap events all over the country. Catch an outdoor screening of a movie at one of the Happenings events or get your face painted at Spraoi Waterford. There are loads of free exhibitions on in the Galway Arts Festival too.

Daylight hours

Longer days means more time and energy. It does, honestly! The days are still long, even if it’s not all sunshine. Use those extra hours in the day. Learn to play an instrument, walk, run, speak Klingon or juggle fire, see if there’s an outdoor gym near your, or whatever suits and is a bit different.


Getting out of the house and the everyday routine is good for us. If you don’t have much cash, camping on the Aran Islands won’t guarantee sunshine but it’s a guaranteed change in the auld routine.


Ok we’ve had those few warm weeks here and there but in between has been a bit brrr. But, there is the chance to absorb some of those vitamin D happy hormones. Dr Harry Barry has recently said it’s important for us to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day and be without sunscreen for 30 minutes as well.

Work experience

You may not be one of the lucky few to have landed a paid job for the summer but not to worry. There are heaps of voluntary internships and positions and it’s not too late to apply. Learning and applying new skills while working in an area you’re passionate about is great way to build up work experience and get great references too.

Salad days

Summer is the season of juices, summer salads and cider (made from apples so it’s like eating fruit, right?). Not having the time to shop and prepare healthy meals is no longer an excuse. Summer means lots of cheap in season fruit and vegetables so get creating.

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