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Too much of a good thing?

Video game controllerSleeping, eating, going out for a drink with friends or chilling out with a video game  – these are good everyday things, right? Then, there are the times when you need to blow off steam, like after exams or a hard week at work or a break-up.

Becoming a problem

It makes sense that we want to do things we enjoy to avoid bad or stressful feelings. Procrastinating from study by playing video games is just one example. But, it becomes a problem, if you or someone you know is using or engaging with something to the extent that it disrupts their everyday lives.

Sometimes it can be hard for us to see where the line is, as what is problematic for some is not for others.

One girl’s story

It can be really daunting to acknowledge that a habit or use of something as a coping mechanism your life is having a negative impact on your life.  Changing habits and finding new ways to cope with overwhelming emotions can be scary, but can be done.

This story is about how one girl came to realise her use of alcohol and drugs was hindering and not helping her and the steps she needed to take to get through.  

Expert advice

Our expert this month is Dr Bobby Smyth. All through the moth of April he’ll be taking your questions if you’re concerned that your, or someone else’s, substance use or behavior is becoming problematic.

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