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Study tableIt’s Easter break, but it’s not really a break right? Not for students anyway. With deadlines for essays and projects looming, and exam time just around the corner it may not seem like a holiday at all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to get work done and have fun as long as you don’t let the procrastination get you.


You work best under pressure right? But have you tried it any other way? We all make excuses from time to time; but this can backfire leaving us more stressed when that deadline finally creeps up. Give starting early a go, you may be surprised what you can achieve.


Checking if food has magically appeared in the fridge or checking your Facebook every 5 minutes can be a sure way to lose a day. Get rid of these distractions by setting aside a specific time to study each day. This way you can enjoy your time off guilt free.

Break it down

If you are prone to procrastination because you feel overwhelmed by a work load then try breaking it down. Breaking it down into small manageable parts will make that mountain of work in front of you seem way more achievable. Starting the hardest thing first and getting it out of the way will help with anxiety. Read more on study tips.

Start it now

Starting is the hardest part. If you are believer in the old adage “why do today what can be put of to tomorrow” then you are probably a procrastinator. But that deadline will eventually come so think Nike. Just do it! It may be hard at first but the feeling you get when you finish will be worth it.

Do a little bit each day

By starting to think about the task early you will be working out all of the little problems in the back of your head. Even while you’re not actually working. Bonus! Giving ourselves time to process and work things out is how we get those Eureka moments while brushing our teeth.

Reward yourself

Planning breaks and rewards can be a great motivator. A combination of relaxation and activity can work really well. Don’t forget to keep up your exercise routine and relaxation techniques to keep those stress levels down.

Procrastination is about putting things off that we don’t really want to do. If you’re finding it hard to get motivated to do the things that you would usually enjoy then it may be a sign of something more serious. Check out feeling crap for more.

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