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Boys! Fancy four months off?

RazorAmazing life-changing technology is being developed as we speak. Men, soon the time-consuming mundane task of shaving could be a thing of the past.

Scientists in Philadelphia are working on a gel to prevent facial hair growth in men. Although the ads make out like it’s a spiritual experience, it’s estimated that men spend an average of 125 days shaving in their lifetime. Hmmm.

So what would you do with an extra 125 days?

Before you get overexcited planning…check out’s top five tips to make sure those extra days are happy ones.

  1. Hit the gym. Or the court, or field, or whatever and get some exercise. Exercise makes you happy. It’s not rocket science, but it is science. Exercise releases happy hormones so staying fit and healthy is really just an awesome side effect. With the stunning weather we’re having this week and evenings getting longer you can soak up some vitamin D too.
  2. Invest in your relationships. Heading down the pub with your mates is fun but it’s also good for your mental health. Bargain. Having a close support network can really help when you’re going through a tough time. It’s easy to fall into the habit of staying in with a copy of Skyrim, hibernating in the winter months. Invest some of your extra time in your mates the return will be priceless.
  3. Practice gratitude. It’s easy to take things for granted but realising what we’re thankful for can actually make us happier. Taking time out to focus on the positives can change your perspective for the better, especially when you’re in a bad mood.
  4. Spread the love. Smiling is contagious. Doing something nice for someone else can make you feel good as well as them.
  5. Have a lie in/or not. Getting enough sleep is vital. Just remember in the case of sleep you can have too much of a good thing so don’t stay in bed all day.

None of these things take a humongous amount of time or effort so even if you don’t bother with the gel and grow a beard, making time to fit these tips into your daily life is a good idea.

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