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Social anxiety getting you down?

hand shakeOur very own taoiseach has been over in the states hanging out with the Obamas this week, trying make a good impression for all of us, building up a good relationship for the future and sharing some good Irish bread. It’s a tough job.

Meeting new people

Whether you are a fancy pants diplomat or just starting a new job or school, meeting new people can be pretty daunting. All of us will be forced into situations at different times, where we don’t know anybody, either in a professional capacity or just at a party. Meeting new people, especially if you are trying to make a good impression can be a recipe for anxiety but there are ways to not let that anxiety make it a really unpleasant experience.


Everyone can feel a little nervous meeting new people – even the president, we’re sure. A certain amount of anxiety or stress around events can be a good thing as it can make you prepare for that meeting, learn your rules of the road or study for that college exam. It can even add to your excitement, like for that first date. But if we get so anxious to the extent that we loose sleep and feel sick and then it’s not a help but a hindrance. Especially if it then makes us avoid things that we’d like to do.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging yourself and putting yourself down even before you’ve left your house. The little voice in the back of your head that second guesses you, telling how you should act and whether people will like you is called your self-talk. If this voice is mostly negative then check these tips on how to change some of the common thinking errors we all make. Remember lots of people get nervous outside of their comfort zone and can feel the same way you do. True story!

Making new friends

Meeting new people can be great and open you up to all sorts of opportunities. It’s a chance to have interesting conversations, discover new stuff, have a laugh and even make new life long friends or contacts for work. Don’t let the nerves win. It can seem (and is) daunting to put yourself out there but it’s worth it. Meeting new people has a few tips about reducing those nerves.

Social anxiety

If you feel that anxiety stops you from going out and doing things you’ normally like to do then check social anxiety for tips.

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