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Reasons to have smiley Irish eyes

shamrockOn the week we’re trying to paint the world green, modern Irish values have come into question. It’s all down to a type of reality TV show that’s been called “repulsive, compulsive viewing”.

Tallafornia, it’s Ireland’s answer to Jersey shore. Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ll have heard about it.

Real life

Drinking, hooking up and vajazzeling. Isn’t that real life? Isn’t that what all young people are at these days?

It’s St Patrick’s Day this weekend, and the day itself has gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years too. We Irish we drink too much and lose the run of ourselves.

All this on top of our go-nowhere economy, huge unemployment and emigration issues.

Hold on…

People from all over the world are flying in this weekend to see us, pretend to be us (or version of us in large green hats), wanting to be kissed quick!

We’re continually taking blows to our sense of morale and identity these days, so for the weekend that’s in it, lets get back some Irish pride.

An Irishman walked into a bar…

We’re funny people, known and revered all over for our wit and story telling ability. True story.

Sporting chance

We are clearly going to win in the rugby tomorrow. Then there’s the Euro championships to look forward to.


This could really be the year we rightfully take back our crown, thanks to Jedward.

What else?

Irish music (the good stuff, there’s lots of it), GAA, Guinness, Irish butter, Penneys, red lemonade, Barry’s tea, Tayto/King crisps, Kimberly biscuits, ejits and everything being grand.


Everyone loves Ellen de Generes, apparently, and this weekend she will be presenting her show from here. Kinda hoping no-one from Tallafornia is on it though, or the jig is up.

Take a look at self-esteem and self-talk every now and then for some tips to counteract doses of negativity.

Don’t forget mums on Sunday!

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